Coffee With My Ex

Monday, May 22, 2017

(and why I'm okay with it)

Just last week I met up with Mike at Amelie's. 
When I told people I was doing this, I got all kinds of reactions. 
The most common response was - Why?!

To most people, it seemed impossible that we were going to spend time together as friends and nothing more. 
Believe it or not, that's exactly what we did. 

You see, Mike is a man who changed my life. He probably knows me better than I know myself.  God brought us together in his perfect timing. We experienced so much in life together. We were a part of each other's journey and what an honor that is. I have no intention of throwing those memories away.

Now hear me out, I understand not every story has a peaceful ending the way ours did, however, my challenge to you is this: Whatever your situation, try to look at it in a different light. Sometimes a new perspective is all we need to turn to the next page of our journey. 

It has taken time, but I have been able to turn my page. 
I now have a choice - I can burn those old pages or I can embrace them and remember that they made me who I am today. I choose the latter. Talking with Mike, catching up, and embracing our new friendship is what truly set me free. 

I have moved on from my past but that doesn't mean I have to leave it in the dark. It is a part of me. I will always care and love. That doesn't mean I haven't moved forward, it simply means I have embraced my past and and acknowledge my story as a whole, not just a chapter. 

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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  1. You're very lucky you can be friends with your ex!! I think a lot of us, myself included could benefit from this. Very well put!! bbymks5



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